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About the meal package

At Brunotti surfcamp we know all about good food. We prepare a delicious dinner five times a week. The daily meals are diverse, healthy and fairly priced. Once a week we fire up the grill for one of Brunotti’s famous barbecues. The Brunotti Surfcamp is home to a professional chef that cooks your meals with incredible amount of passion. The chef always makes sure that there is plenty and takes all the dietary restrictions or allergies that you may have into account. No one goes hungry after a long day of catching waves! 

Every morning our breakfast crew gets up early to prepare an extensive outdoor breakfast buffet for the guests, including freshly prepared coffee, tea and fruit juices such as jus d’orange. Rise and shine! 

Professional chef

Healthy meals with fresh products

Allergies and dietary restrictions are taken into account

Vegetarian & vegan possible

"The meals are incredibly tasty, the food at the camp is healthy and very diverse. I am a vegetarian and have an allergy, but this was no issue for the chef" - Manon

If you’d like to have a meal package during your surfcamp in France you can let us know on the day of arrival. Payment for the meal packages take place at the end of the week. It’s up to you whether you’d like to have a meal package and if yes, which one. It’s also a possibility to let the crew know on the day itself whether you’d like to have a meal or not. You can pick from the two following meal packages underneath 

  • MEAL PACKAGE A+: €129,-

    Meal package A+: 129,- 

    This package is our most extensive meal package. It includes:

    • 7 x breakfast 
    • 5 x dinner (dinner on the day of departure is included) 
    • 1 x barbecue  
  • MEAL PACKAGE A: €119,-

    Meal package A: 119,- 

    •  7 x breakfast 
    • 4 x dinner 
    • 1 x barbecue 

    Single meals

    • Breakfast: €8,50
    • Dinner: €12,50
    • Barbecue: €15,50

Don’t miss out on the summer of a lifetime!

Brunotti international surfcamp in a couple words? Surfing, the French sun, stunning nature, ocean, beach, icecold drinks, new friends and the ultimate vacation feeling. You definitely do not want to miss summer at Brunotti international surfcamp! 

Available from 269,- per person

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