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1.0 Formation of Reservation

1.1.0 A reservation is established after the completion and submission of the reservation form by the participant. Beachcamp-France aims to confirm the reservation within 1 working day. The booking confirmation is sent by email to the main booker.

2.0 Applicability

2.1.0 These general terms and conditions apply to all services provided by the participant at Beachcamp-France.

2.2.0 The participant agrees to these general terms and conditions by entering into an agreement with the provider, using a service of the provider, or by (partially) paying the price of the service. Acceptance of the conditions also occurs by entering the premises of Beachcamp-France, using a service of Beachcamp-France, or the act of making a booking.

2.3.0 The participant agrees to the possibility of Beachcamp-France deviating from the offered services. Deviations must be made in writing.

3.0 General Participant Obligations

3.1.0 The participant is obliged to have necessary travel documents throughout the entire travel period. This includes, among other things, ID card, passport, visa, proof of vaccinations, etc.

3.1.2 If the participant cannot or cannot fully participate in the services provided by Beachcamp-France or partner organizations of Beachcamp-France due to the absence of valid, complete, and correct travel documents, the costs arising from this are entirely for the participant.

3.2.0 Before or during the conclusion of the agreement, the participant provides all relevant information about himself and any co-participants for the execution of the service by Beachcamp-France.

3.2.1 This includes, in particular, information about safety, medical information, and other details of participants or others.

3.3.0 The participant must behave as a reasonable participant. The participant is obliged to strictly follow instructions, conditions, house rules, instructions, and warnings on-site at all times.

3.4.0 Before booking the trip with Beachcamp-France, the participant must verify whether there is sufficient time to obtain the required travel documents due to the potentially long processing time of a travel document application, especially a required visa.

3.4.1 The absence of valid travel documents is not a valid reason for canceling the services booked with Beachcamp-France. The payment obligation remains in place.

3.4.2 When the participant or Beachcamp-France experiences limitations due to the lack of a valid travel document from the participant, the resulting costs are borne by the participant.

4.0 Own Risk of Participation in Beachcamp-France

4.1.0 By choosing to participate in services offered by Beachcamp-France, the participant incurs an inevitable risk of damage and accidents. Despite careful actions by Beachcamp-France, the risk of damage, death, or serious injury cannot be ruled out. Regardless of insurance possibilities, the own risk is therefore borne by the participant. The participant agrees to this by entering into an agreement with Beachcamp-France.

5.0 A Booking is Binding

5.1.0 Booking a trip via is binding.

5.2.0 Once all details on the booking form are filled in and confirmed by the participant, the participant receives a registration number. From the moment of receipt, the booking is final.

5.3.0 The participant is entitled to cancel the agreed services in writing. The costs for this are as specified in section 19.0.

5.4.0 By accepting services from Beachcamp-France, the participant acknowledges that there may be costs associated with both changing aspects of the trip or canceling the booked trip.

6.0 Multiple Bookers

6.1.0 If the participant books a trip for both himself and other participants, the main booker is jointly liable for all obligations arising from the agreement.

6.2.0 A participant who registers other participants declares that these other participants have been informed by him of the existence and content of these general terms and conditions. Beachcamp-France is not responsible or liable for the consequences of not informing these general terms and conditions to co-registered participants by the main booker.

6.3.0 The travel confirmation, invoice, (possible) bus tickets, travel documents, and all other communication are only sent to the main booker. It is the responsibility of the main booker to provide the necessary documents to the participants registered by him.

6.4.0 It is the responsibility of the main booker to obtain consent from the participants registered by him for processing by Beachcamp-France of the special personal data necessary for the careful execution of the Agreement. This includes, among other things, necessary medical data.

6.5.0 The participant cannot hold Beachcamp-France liable for claims, injuries, and damages arising from non-compliance with these obligations.

7.0 Exclusion of Participation

7.1.0 Beachcamp-France reserves the right to exclude participants who have booked before departure or during the entire trip if there is a valid reason to do so.

7.1.1 If there are circumstances that endanger the proper execution of the trip, Beachcamp-France may exclude a participant.

7.2.0 A participant who causes hindrance or nuisance to such an extent that a proper execution of the trip is made difficult may be excluded from participation.

7.2.1 The participant who is excluded from (further) participation is not entitled to a refund of the travel sum or parts thereof.

7.3.0 In the event of exclusion due to circumstances that are attributable to the participant, the resulting costs are entirely for the account of the participant.

7.3.1 The participant bears the possible costs of exclusion from participation.

7.3.2 Beachcamp-France is not responsible for warnings, measures, or exclusion from participation by Camping Municipal Les Sablères.

7.3.3 Beachcamp-France is not liable for consequences arising from Article 7.3.2.

7.3.4 The participant is personally responsible for any costs arising from Article 7.3.2.

7.4.0 If it appears that the participant, due to physical, medical, mental limitations, or other significant interests, is unable to follow the program, or important information that affects functioning during the trip has been withheld, Beachcamp-France reserves the right to immediately exclude the participant from further participation.

7.5.0 The participant must behave as a reasonable participant. The participant is obliged to strictly follow instructions, conditions, house rules, guidelines, and warnings on-site at all times.

8.0 Payment 

8.1.0 The booking confirmation includes an initial payment amount.

8.1.1 The initial payment is 25% of the total travel amount, the booking costs, and, if applicable, the premium for cancellation and/or travel insurance, including policy costs.

8.1.2 This initial payment must be transferred to Beachcamp – France within 21 days after the participant receives the booking confirmation.

8.2.0 The remaining travel amount (75%) must be paid to Beachcamp-France no later than 7 days before departure.

8.2.1 In the case of a booking made by the participant within four weeks before the start of the trip, the total travel amount must be paid immediately upon receipt of the booking confirmation/invoice.

8.2.2 Failure to pay on time gives Beachcamp-France the right, after a reminder, to cancel the booked trip and exclude the participant from participation. The obligations of Beachcamp-France are then suspended in their entirety.

8.2.3 Costs of suspending the obligations of Beachcamp-France and excluding the participant at the request of the client will be charged to the participant.

8.2.4 The participant is obliged to pay extrajudicial collection costs if the participant has received a payment reminder with a payment term of fourteen full days, and the full payment is still outstanding within that period.

8.2.5 The extrajudicial collection costs are levied in accordance with the then-applicable Decree on extrajudicial collection costs and are at the participant’s expense.

8.2.6 In the event of late payment by the participant, Beachcamp-France will adhere to the cancellation conditions, and the applicable cancellation costs will be charged as laid out in Article 19.0.

9.0 Travel Durations

9.1.0 If a participant avails a service from Beachcamp-France that includes transportation, and the travel and accommodation duration is stated in days in the publication, the days of departure and arrival, regardless of the actual departure and arrival times, are counted as whole days.

9.2.0 In some cases, this may result in the actual stay at the destination being fewer days than stated in the publication.

9.3.0 Definite departure and arrival times are stated in the travel documents. Departure times and arrival times, as stated by both Beachcamp-France and partners of Beachcamp-France, are subject to deviations. The participant cannot derive any rights from this.

9.4.0 No rights can be derived from requests made to Beachcamp-France unless express permission has been given by Beachcamp-France.

10.0 Travel Documents 

The necessary travel documents will be sent by email approximately 7 days before the day of departure (for self-transport trips, before the booked travel’s arrival date). If the participant has not received travel documents at least 5 working days before departure, he must promptly report this to Beachcamp–France.

11.0 On-Site Changes Due to Weather, Local Conditions, Medical Reasons, etc.

11.1.0 Beachcamp-France reserves the right to make adjustments to the provided services based on, among other factors but not exclusively limited to, weather conditions, local circumstances, conditions, expertise required for certain offered services, and participants’ medical reasons.

11.1.1 Services offered by Beachcamp-France will, where possible, also be provided in adverse weather conditions.

11.1.2 If it is not possible for Beachcamp-France to carry out the service due to safety criteria or other circumstances, Beachcamp-France is not obligated to do so, nor is Beachcamp-France obliged to offer an alternative program.

11.1.3 The decision that a service cannot be performed due to safety or other circumstances lies entirely with Beachcamp-France and the on-site leadership of Beachcamp-France.

11.2.0 The risk of changes and adjustments to the provided services lies with the participant, and the participant accepts this risk by making a booking.

12.0 Limitation of Liability Beachcamp-France

12.1.0 Beachcamp-France is not liable for damage or events that cannot be attributed to it.

– A. This applies to circumstances attributable to the participant, including but not limited to the following subparagraphs:

– 12.2.1 Inadequate health or condition,

– 12.2.2 Inadequate personal equipment,

– 12.2.3 Incorrect actions or omissions of the participant or other participants of Beachcamp-France,

– 12.2.4 Overestimation of one’s own abilities,

– 12.2.5 Careless or reckless behavior,

– 12.2.6 Ignoring instructions,

– 12.2.7 Failure to comply with one or more safety regulations,

– 12.2.8 Participation under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medication, or other narcotics,

– 12.2.9 Actions by the participant that result in them being consciously or unconsciously classified in the wrong category,

– 12.2.10 Providing incorrect information about one’s own experience or competencies.

– B. Acts and influences of third parties not directly involved in the provision of services as contracted with Beachcamp-France;

– C. Force majeure.

12.2.0 Beachcamp-France is liable for the proper execution of the trip.

12.3.0 The execution should also be assessed based on the customs, habits, and limitations that the destination of the trip entails. In addition, participants should take into account the nature of the trip.


13.1.0 In all cases where Beachcamp-France is liable for damage, the following regulations apply.

13.2.0 If the damage is suffered as a result of a service taken from Beachcamp-France falling within the scope of an international treaty to which the European Union or the Netherlands is a party, liability, contrary to 13.3.1 and 13.3.2, is limited to what is permitted under this treaty. This also applies to liability of Beachcamp-France for damage resulting from the death or personal injury of the participant.

13.3.0 Without prejudice to the limits of liability under paragraphs 3 and 4, liability is in any case limited to the amount covered by Beachcamp-France’s liability insurance, plus the deductible, unless the exclusion is in conflict with mandatory law.

13.3.1 The maximum damage that the participant can claim from Beachcamp-France is three times the price of the service taken.

13.3.2 The situation as stated in Article 13.3.1 does not apply when there is damage resulting from the death or personal injury of the participant arising from a service taken and performed by Beachcamp-France

13.4.0 Beachcamp-France is in no way liable to the participant for damage covered by the client’s insurance. This applies to all insurances.

13.5.0 The limitations and exclusions of liability do not apply if the damage results from intent or conscious recklessness of Beachcamp-France.

13.6.0 The limitation periods, including the periods concerning the limitation of liability of Beachcamp-France towards the participant, are one (1) year, unless the limitation in this provision is not allowed.

13.7.0 In case of damage, the participant’s claims against Beachcamp-France expire after one (1) year, unless this limitation in this provision is not allowed.

14.0 Changes by Beachcamp-France

14.1.0 Beachcamp-France can partially or completely cancel the agreement and/or services offered to the participant for significant reasons.

14.1.1 In the event of a cancellation by Beachcamp-France other than for force majeure as stipulated in Article 15, the following applies: The participant is (only) entitled to a refund of the already paid price. In the case of a situation where the service has already been partially performed, the participant is entitled to a refund on a proportional basis.

14.2.0 If the cause of the cancellation can be attributed to the participant, the resulting damage is at the participant’s expense, and the price remains due; the participant cannot claim a refund.

14.3.0 Beachcamp-France can cancel the agreement/services taken due to the failure to achieve the minimum numbers indicated in the offer to carry out that service.

14.3.1 In case of cancellation due to the situation as stipulated in Article 14.3, the participant is only entitled to a refund of the already paid price, and no further claims for compensation against Beachcamp-France can be made.

15.0 Force Majeure

15.1.0 Beachcamp-France is not obligated to perform agreed services to the extent that performance is impossible due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances, provided that this requires disproportionate efforts or costs from Beachcamp-France.

15.2.0 Under these circumstances, which can be grouped as ‘force majeure,’ the following conditions are understood, among others (but not exclusively):

15.2.1 (Civil) war, terrorism, closed beaches,

15.2.2 Political unrest,

15.2.3 Area prohibitions, natural disasters,

15.2.4 Strikes,

15.2.5 Restricted areas,

15.2.6 (Civil) war, terrorism,

15.2.7 Natural disasters,

15.2.8 Sailing prohibitions, and extreme (weather) conditions.


15.3.0 In the event of force majeure as stipulated in Article 15.1 and 15.2, Beachcamp-France can terminate the agreement with the participant in whole or in part, and Beachcamp-France and the participant(s) each bear their own damages.

16.0 Changes by the Participant

16.1.0 The participant has the right to make changes (additions of persons, excursions, etc.) after the booking has been made up to two weeks before the departure date.

16.1.1 All possible changes and adjustments by the participant (including adding persons) within the agreement with Beachcamp-France are subject to availability at Beachcamp-France. The participant cannot derive any rights from Article 16.1.0 in any way.

16.2.0 Postponement of the departure date or reduction in the number of paying participants is considered a (partial) cancellation to which the cancellation conditions as stipulated in Article 19 apply.

16.3.0 Beachcamp-France strongly recommends that the participant take out travel insurance. The individual policy terms of the specific travel insurance taken out apply during the offered services.

16.4.0 Beachcamp-France is not liable for costs related to the participant’s taken out travel insurance, as well as the costs arising from the absence of taken out travel insurance.

17.0 Cancellation by Beachcamp-France

17.1.1 Beachcamp-France reserves the right to cancel the last week of the displayed booking period when fewer than 8 persons are booked. The participant will receive notice of this by telephone or in writing at least 14 days before the travel departure date.

17.1.2 Where possible, an alternative as equivalent as possible will be offered; it may be exceptionally under different (price) conditions.

17.1.3 The participant cannot derive any rights from Article 17.1.2.

17.1.4 Beachcamp – France has the right to cancel the weeks concerning the dates July 6-13 and August 17th until September 14th if less than 25 people are booked.

18.0 Formation of the Agreement between the Participant and Beachcamp-France

18.1.0 The services offered by Beachcamp-France to the participant only include what is expressly described by Beachcamp-France in publications. The participant(s) cannot rely on information in publications from third parties, assistants, or companies collaborating with Beachcamp-France.

18.2.0 Each offered service is subject to the availability of these services.

18.3.0 All quotations and offers provided by Beachcamp-France to clients are entirely non-binding and can be revoked by Beachcamp-France at any time, and in any case, until 5:00 PM of the next working day, without giving any reasons, even after acceptance by the participant.

18.4.0 Obvious errors are not binding on Beachcamp-France. If there is any doubt on the part of the participant about the accuracy of the price or information, the participant must inquire with Beachcamp-France. The participant must act as a good buyer and must consider the principle of good faith in his or her actions and omissions.

19.0 Cancellation by the Participant

19.1.0 If the participant is compelled to cancel the trip due to circumstances, the following cancellation conditions apply:

19.2.0 The amount that the participant must pay to Beachcamp-France upon cancellation is based on the remaining number of days before departure (for cancellations outside office hours, the next working day is decisive):

– 19.2.1 Up to the 42nd day: 25% of the total trip cost

– 19.2.2 From the 42nd day to the 28th day: 35% of the total trip cost

– 19.2.3 From the 28th day to the 21st day: 40% of the total trip cost

– 19.2.4 From the 21st day to the 14th day: 50% of the total trip cost

– 19.2.5 From the 14th day to the 5th day: 75% of the total trip cost

– 19.2.6 From the 5th day to the day of departure: 90% of the total trip cost

– 19.2.7 On the day of departure or later: the full total trip cost

19.3.0 If the participant’s reason for cancellation falls within the conditions of the participant’s insurance company, and the participant has taken out cancellation insurance, these costs will normally be reimbursed by the insurance company.

– 19.3.1 An exception is the insurance premium, which is never reimbursed by the insurance company.

19.4.0 Beachcamp-France strongly recommends all participants to always take out cancellation insurance, regardless of the duration of the trip, the total trip cost, and the booking time.

19.5.0 Cancellation by the participant is only possible in writing by sending an email to

19.6.0 It is not possible to cancel a trip free of charge. This applies in all possible cases, including a situation where the participant cancels the next working day after entering into the agreement according to the procedure in Article 19.5. In this case, the cancellation costs as stipulated in Article 19.2.0 still apply.

20.0 General liability participant

20.1.0 The participant is jointly liable for damage caused by his or her own actions or omissions.

20.2.0 In addition, costs for damage suffered by subordinates, assistants, or third parties caused by the participant’s actions or omissions are attributed to the participant.

21.0 Use of sports equipment Beachcamp – France

21.1.0 The participant is personally responsible for the rented equipment from Beachcamp-France. The participant must use the rented equipment only in a manner for which it is intended by its nature.

21.2.0 The participant is not allowed to make changes to the rented equipment or lend the rented equipment to third parties.

21.3.0 Theft, loss, and damage to the rented equipment from Beachcamp-France must be reported immediately to the on-site supervision of Beachcamp-France. The participant is jointly liable for the loss or theft of the rented equipment, damage to the rented equipment, or damage caused by or with the rented equipment.

21.4.0 In case of loss, theft, or irreparable damage to the rented equipment, the local retail value is due. The determination of value is based on the age of the equipment. The following criteria apply:

– 21.4.1 Equipment from the current season: 100%,

– 21.4.2 Equipment from the previous season: 80%,

– 21.4.3 Equipment from 2 seasons ago: 60%,

– 21.4.4 Equipment from 3 or more seasons ago: 40% of the retail value.

21.5.0 In the case of minor damage, repair costs are among the expenses. The company is entitled to charge the participant for cleaning, search efforts, transport, and storage of the rented equipment, as well as repairs, replacements, reports of loss, etc.

21.6.0 The responsibility for having travel insurance to cover the incurred costs related to damage, cleaning, search efforts, transport and storage of the rented equipment, repairs, replacements, and reports of loss lies with the participant.

21.7.0 Beachcamp France is not liable for costs arising from the absence of travel insurance covering the costs related to damage, cleaning, search efforts, transport and storage of the rented equipment, repairs, replacements, and reports of loss.

22.0 Use of other equipment Beachcamp-France

Unless the content of the provision is not applicable, the clauses regarding Article 22.0 of these general terms and conditions ‘Use of sports equipment Beachcamp-France’ also apply to the use of transportation, all materials present at Beachcamp-France and the terrain, and all parts thereof owned by Beachcamp-France, businesses collaborating with Beachcamp-France, or partner organizations of Beachcamp-France.

23.0 GGTO Guarantee Fund

23.1.0 The GGTO Foundation guarantees that you will receive a refund of the amount already paid for your trip if the tour operator becomes financially insolvent. This can occur either before your departure or during your stay at the location. Additionally, the GGTO Foundation ensures your return trip during your stay if the tour operator, due to financial insolvency, can no longer arrange for it. The tour operator charges a fixed amount of 7.50 euros per participant to the consumer for this guarantee. This amount is separately invoiced and is also stated on the booking page/confirmation.

23.2.0 The participant is obliged to pay the contribution to the GGTO Guarantee Fund.

24.0 Pets

24.1.0 Pets are not allowed on Directliner’s coaches.

24.2.0 Pets are not allowed on the premises of Beachcamp-France.

24.2.1 Ignoring this provision may result in the denial of access to the premises of Beachcamp-France for the respective pet.

24.2.2 If the participant ignores clause 18.2.2, this may result in denial of access to the premises of Beachcamp-France for the participant.

24.2.3 Costs arising from damage, injury, or other irregularities caused by ignoring clause 18.2.0 are to be borne by the participant.

25.0 Participant Complaints

25.1.0 In the event that the participant identifies a deficiency in the execution of the services, the participant must report it as soon as possible to Beachcamp-France or the representatives of Beachcamp-France present at the location.

25.1.1 The participant must report the complaint before or during the execution of the service. Complaints after the execution of the service will not be processed by Beachcamp-France, unless it is not reasonable under the circumstances of the case.

25.1.2 Where the complaint is justified and reasonably possible, Beachcamp-France will offer an appropriate solution to the participant.

25.1.3 If the complaint concerns a service performed by a third party, it must be reported to both Beachcamp-France and the third party.

25.1.4 Not reporting the complaint or reporting it late may affect the amount of any compensation, unless Beachcamp-France’s interests are not harmed by the delayed complaint.

26 Various provisions

26.1.0 Subordinates, assistants, and other (legal) persons involved in the execution of the agreement cooperating with Beachcamp-France can validly invoke the provisions of these general terms and conditions against the participant.

26.2.0 Only Dutch law applies unless it conflicts with mandatory law. In addition, there is exclusive jurisdiction of the Dutch court. This applies again unless it conflicts with mandatory law.


  1. Amendments

27.1.0 The departure and arrival times mentioned in the agreement are subject to deviations. This applies to both the services offered by Beachcamp-France and services offered by partners or assistants of Beachcamp-France. Definite departure and arrival times will be stated in the travel documents.

27.2.0 Beachcamp-France has the right to change prices for the respective services before the start of the service due to taxes or levies imposed by local or non-local authorities.


27.2.1 Beachcamp-France also has the right to change prices before providing the service due to price increases from assistants, increased fuel costs, exchange rates, or any other costs that were not known at the time of the offer. If prices are increased within three months after the conclusion of the agreement, the participant has the authority to terminate the agreement in that case.

28 Outsourcing transport to accommodation

28.1.0 Beachcamp-France outsources transportation to and from Beachcamp-France to BV.

28.2.0 The address details of BV are as follows: BV

Marktstraat 42

4921 BG Made


28.3.0 By placing a booking with Beachcamp-France, the participant agrees and declares to comply with the conditions of BV both during transport to the accommodation and from the accommodation to the Netherlands or Belgium.

29.0 Bagage (Luggage)

29.1.0 Each participant is allowed to bring 1 suitcase (max dimensions H 60cm x W 25cm x L 75cm) or a travel bag (20 kg) and 1 piece of hand luggage on the bus.

29.2.0 During the summer season, it is allowed to bring 1 camping equipment per 2 passengers.

29.2.1 The exception to this rule is a bungalow tent.

29.3.0 For an additional fee, one surfboard per person, with a maximum length of 2.5 meters, can be brought.

29.4.0 It is not allowed to bring gas cylinders on the bus, and this prohibition also applies to empty gas cylinders.

29.5.0 In case of exceeding the allowed baggage amount, the driver on behalf of B.V. has the right to refuse the excess baggage.

29.6.0 Participants are not allowed to bring baggage for others than themselves.

29.7.0 Throughout the entire journey, the participant is personally responsible for their own baggage.

29.8.0 Beachcamp-France is not liable in any way for damage or loss of baggage, as well as the loss of baggage due to theft.


30.0 Travel insurance

Beachcamp-France strongly recommends participants to obtain a good travel and/or baggage insurance. Beachcamp-France, BV, and other partner organizations of Beachcamp-France are not responsible or liable for damage to the baggage of participants.

31.0 Smoking

31.1.0 Smoking is not allowed on the bus. This provision includes both regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Various stops are made along the way to stretch legs and, if necessary, smoke.

31.2.0 The participant must always follow instructions regarding smoking on the Beachcamp France premises.

31.3.0 Costs arising from damage to both the Beachcamp France premises and the property of others caused by the participant’s smoking will be borne by the participant. Beachcamp-France cannot be held liable for this.


 32.0 Special Requests

32.1.0 Please communicate any special request (preference) regarding your seat on the bus at the time of booking your trip.

32.2.0 The participant cannot derive any rights from Article 36.1. The special request remains a preference; Beachcamp-France and partner organizations are in no way bound by this preference.


33.0 Additional Conditions B.V.

33.1.0 Additional conditions of B.V. are included in the travel documents and bus vouchers.

33.2.0 By purchasing a service that includes a bus trip, the participant agrees to these additional conditions.


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