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At Brunotti international surfcamp in Vieux Boucau there’s nothing more important than surfing! We therefore put a lot of focus on (quality of) our surflessons. You’ll experience the magic feeling that surfing is when you paddle and surf your first wave towards the beach. You’ll experience for yourself how addicting and fun surfing really is. 

Our surf instructors are all certified and extremely experienced in teaching surflessons in France. Contrary to other surfcamps Brunotti only teaches in groups of max. 8 students and we have several kind of surf packages. The surflessons consist of some preparing exercises on the beach and lots of time catching waves in the water! 

  • Free surfing

    In case you got stoked after your first surfclasses, your time in the water doesn’t have to end after the surfclasses. Feel free to take one of our ‘free surf’ boards and practice in the water. The use of free surfboards is included in our surfpackages, so go in before or after your surfclass! 

    At Brunotti surfcamp we do have the rule that for safety purposes you must have followed at least one surftheory- and surflesson. Surftheory takes place on the first day of your holiday on Brunotti surfcamp. During the theory the surfcoaches will teach you everyting you’ll need to know in order to go into the water safely. Topics like e.g. currents, tides, equipment and areas on the beach where you’re allowed to go free surfing will be discussed. In case of extreme conditions it may not be possible to go free surfing, this however is very rare.  

  • Theory preparation

    During your surfweek at Brunotti international surfcamp we offer an extensive surftheory lesson. This interesting lesson is filled with interesting need-to-knows regarding currents, waves, tides and general safety. All the topics in theory are covered to make sure that you’re good to enjoy a week full of ocean and surf, all while enjoying a cold beer. 

  • Wetsuit

    Do you not have your own wetsuit yet? No problem! You can rent a ‘shorty’ at the surfcamp. This is a summer wetsuit that is completely yours for the rest of week and protects you against sun, cold and the surfboard. You can rent a wetsuit for 20,- a week at the camp.   

  • Surfboards

    Our choice for equipment during the surflessons is the ‘soft top’ boards. We have several sizes ‘soft tops’ that you can choose from. These boards are developed to be as forgiving as possible for the beginner surfer. It’s the perfect board for the difficult but fun learning process that surfing is, ensuring that you’ll catch your first wave within a week’s time.  

    We also have some hardtops in our quiver. You can pick from the sizes 9.0, 8.0 & 7.0 ft. These boards are suitable for you if you already have some experience catching waves.

Surf package A

Do you have no surf experience? Or did you take some lessons before but are you not confident yet? Surfpackage A is most likely the perfect surfpackage for you! This surfpackage is the perfect base for anybody who wants to learn surfing as quick as possible. Before the lessons start you’ll get surftheory regarding the equipment, safety and currents. Once you’ve received all the theory that you’ll need to go in the ocean you’ll go into the water with one of our experienced surfcoaches. The ultimate goal? To catch your first wave. You’ll see that this will not take long. 

€150,- p.p.

  • 5x 1.5 hours of surflessons
  • 1 x surftheory
  • 7 days boardrental

Surf package B

Surf package B is the package for you if you already have some experience in surfing and you want to progress onto ‘green waves’. This package is also perfect if you’re already surfing green waves but you’re looking to improve your technique.  

After the extensive surftheory, where you’ll learn all that you need to know about the ocean and its dangers, you’ll go in the water! During 3 classes with a duration of 1.5 hours with one of our experienced coaches, you’ll catch the waves of your life and receive individual advice to improve your surfing. This way, you’ll be able to improve your surfing the rest of the week on your own.  

€130,- p.p.

  • 3 x 1.5 hours surflessons
  • 1 x surftheory
  • 7 days boardrental

Surf package C

Are you already capable of surfing green waves, but are you looking to perfect your technique down to the last detail? Surf package C is the one for you! After the advanced surf theory you’ll focus on improving specific parts of your surfing such as ‘turns’ as well as your general technique. 

 One of our surf coaches will be on the beach videotaping the 2 hour sessions that you’ll have in the water with an advanced, experienced surfcoach. After the surf lesson you’ll analyse the videos to improve your surf technique!  This way you’ll be able to progress as much as possible during your advanced surf lessons in France.

€140,- p.p.

  • 2 x 2 uur surfles
  • 1 x surftheory
  • 7 days boardrental
  • 3 x surfyoga

Surf package D

No need for lessons? Or would you rather go in the ocean by yourself without a coach? Book surf package board rental! This package consists of just board rental. You have access to a surfboard for the rest of the week. At Brunotti we have a wide variety of surfboards in our quiver. Depending on your level you can choose from several sizessofttops’ or ‘hardtops’. Try different ones and see for yourself which board works for you! 

€90,- p.p.

  • 7 days boardrental
  • 1 x surftheory

About Surf yoga

At Brunotti international surfcamp we know like no other how tiring a full day in the water can be. That’s why we offer surf yoga lessons 3 x a week in addition to our surfpackages. Surf yoga is an excellent way to prepare your body for your surf sessions. It prevents muscle pains and is great fun! The yoga classes are always taught outside, either in the forest or on the beach. The classes are taught by a enthousiastic & experienced yoga instructor. Surf yoga is truly an experience in itself! 

Don’t miss out on the summer of a lifetime!

Brunotti international surfcamp in a couple words? Surfing, the French sun, stunning nature, ocean, beach, icecold drinks, new friends and the ultimate vacation feeling. You definitely do not want to miss summer at Brunotti international surfcamp! 

Available from 269,- per person

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