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Surf yoga

Yoga and surfing go hand in hand. And rightly so! Surf yoga has an incredible amount of advantages for the body, both physically and mentally. In addition that it’s a great preparation for the beginning (or ending) of a long day in the ocean catching waves. It’s because of this that you have the possibility to join a yoga lesson with an experienced yoga instructor 3 times a week at Brunotti Surfcamp. But what are the exact advantages, except for the incredible experience itself, of a surf yoga class?


Physical advantages

Anyone who has ever attempted to stand up on a surfboard knows ‘balance is key’ when surfing. Luckily balance is one of the most important elements that you train when you’re practising yoga. You’ll definitely notice if you took a yoga class the next day during your surfclass!

One of the most important advantages of surf yoga is the recovery of your body. Throughout the different poses your body gets the chance to relax the muscles, which is incredibly effective for the recovery of your entire body after a long day of surfing.

Mental advantages

Surfyoga is not only good for the physical, but also the mental state of your body. Surf yoga is e.g. great to train your focus during the yogaposes. Focus is one of the most important elements when trying to learn how to surf.

Last but not least, yoga lessons are an incredibly effective way to train your breathing. Being able to control your breath is a major element in surfing, especially when wiping out or duckdiving.


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