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The Brunotti Surfcamp organises at least one daytrip every week. The daytrips consist of good vibes, sun, stylish restaurants, good food, icecream, shopping and exploring with your friends. The daytrips are not mandatory, but we know from years of experience that you certainly do not want to miss one of these legendary trips!


Every tuesday Brunotti Surfcamp organises a daytrip to the Spanish city of San Sebastián. The city is well known for its cozy tapasbars, beautiful beaches and diverse stores. During the trip there’s plenty of time to explore the old city center, eat ice cream of swim in the beautiful panoramic bay of the city. After you tried all the different kinds of tapas that the restaurants in the city have to offer it’s time to watch the incredible sunset on the boulevard. The trip to San Sebastián has been a favourite of Brunotti guests for many, many years!

If there’s enough interest for another trip there’s also a possibility to go to the famous surftown of Hossegor. Here you find a great number of surfshops and other stores, as well as the famous surfoutlets. The surfoutlets are the perfect spot for all products and clothes related to surf, but with a huge discount!


Are you travelling to the Brunotti Surfcamp with your own car and are you keen to explore a little more than just the surroundings of the camp? You’ve come to the right place. Brunotti Surfcamp is close to several beautiful French cities. Ask the crew for recommendations but stylish Bordeaux or picturesque Biarritz are definitely worth a visit!

Would you like to experience 2 countries while staying at Brunotti? Lucky you! The Brunotti Surfcamp is situated within a hours drive of the Spanish border. An (extra) daytrip to Spain is therefore no trouble.


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