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Surfweek 23+

Due to great success, it’s back again this year – the Surfweek 23+! August 24-31st Brunotti surfcamps is organizing a spectacular 23+ surfweek. What’s different during this special week? The 23+ week is all about surfing, lots of fun, meeting new people of the same age, and a program with activities tailored to an older age group. But don’t worry, the perfect location (just 150 meters from the beach), luxury glampings, high-quality surf lessons and equipment, a stoked crew and delicious food are all present, just like other weeks! Keep reading for more information regarding the surfweek 23+.


We’ve introduced the Surfweek 23+ for everyone who wants to (learn how to) surf this summer, enjoy drinks with friends, spend a lot of time on the beach, and meet people who are older than the average during a regular week.

There is certainly room for a party, but during the 23+ week, the focus is more on enjoying drinks with your (new) friends than on partying hard. Additionally, we have a adapted program with activities that add a bit more depth to your week at the Brunotti surfcamp, aside from the surf lessons. All in all, it’s a spectacular week for anyone looking forward to catching the most beautiful waves, lots of fun, healthy food and the time of their life!


During the 23+ week, we have some different activities compared to the regular surf weeks. What can you expect?

We have a lot of fun activities planned for you. For instance, we’ll all visit a local French vineyard and participate in a wine tasting afterward. Additionally, we’re organizing a trip to the beautiful Spanish city of San Sebastián, and there will be a paella and sangria evening. You can also join a volleyball tournament, yoga classes, surfskate lessons, a wine and cheese evening on the beach and we’re arranging either a sunrise- or sunset surf.

You definitely won’t get bored. Prefer a more relaxed pace? No problem. Nothing is mandatory; everything is optional!



Strandoprit Vieux Boucau

Top location
150m from the beach

Surf Companions food

Delicious food
Breakfast and diner

Surf Theory

Surf lessons and theory from professional instructors
Professional coaches


Great atmosphere
A memory for life

Longboard skaten

Fun activities
Fun sports and partying!

To dream about

More than 20 years

Surf gear
Various sizes and types

dagtrips Brunotti surfcamps

Completely arranged

Surf lessons
From beginner to professional

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