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Surfweek 23+

Due to great success, it’s back again this year – the Surfweek 23+! August 24-31st Brunotti surfcamps is organizing a spectacular 23+ surfweek. What’s different during this special week? The 23+ week is all about surfing, lots of fun, meeting new people of the same age, and a program with activities tailored to an older age group. But don’t worry, the perfect location (just 150 meters from the beach), luxury glampings, high-quality surf lessons and equipment, a stoked crew and delicious food are all present, just like other weeks! Keep reading for more information regarding the surfweek 23+.


We’ve introduced the Surfweek 23+ for everyone who wants to (learn how to) surf this summer, enjoy drinks with friends, spend a lot of time on the beach, and meet people who are older than the average during a regular week.

There is certainly room for a party, but during the 23+ week, the focus is more on enjoying drinks with your (new) friends than on partying hard. Additionally, we have a adapted program with activities that add a bit more depth to your week at the Brunotti surfcamp, aside from the surf lessons. All in all, it’s a spectacular week for anyone looking forward to catching the most beautiful waves, lots of fun, healthy food and the time of their life!


During the 23+ week, we have some different activities compared to the regular surf weeks. What can you expect?

We have a lot of fun activities planned for you. For instance, we’ll all visit a local French vineyard and participate in a wine tasting afterward. Additionally, we’re organizing a trip to the beautiful Spanish city of San Sebastián, and there will be a paella and sangria evening. You can also join a volleyball tournament, yoga classes, surfskate lessons, a wine and cheese evening on the beach and we’re arranging either a sunrise- or sunset surf.

You definitely won’t get bored. Prefer a more relaxed pace? No problem. Nothing is mandatory; everything is optional!



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