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Transport to Brunotti Surfcamps

travel to brunotti surfcamps


Do you want to go to Brunotti surfcamps in France but do you not know how to get there? No worries, we’ve got you! During the summer there are several transportation options to travel to Brunotti surfcamps. You can travel by bus, train, plane or with your own car. In this blog we’ll tell you all about the different travel options that exist. No worries about your traveling, we organize the transport to Brunotti surfcams for you.


Every week there are several busses departing from either the Netherlands, Germany or Schwitzerland. More information on the departure points & prices for either a retourtrip or a single journey? Keep on reading and we’ll tell you all about this convenient way of travelling to the Brunotti surfcamp in France.  

More information about the busses departing from the Netherlands, you can find it here.

International busses 

If you are travelling from a german speaking country we have the following departure points for you:

Freiburg:                          retour 160,00             Single 100,00 

Karlsruhe:                        retour 170,00             Single 105,00 

Aachen:                             retour 170,00             Single 105,00 

Stuttgart:                          retour 180,00             Single 110,00 

Basel:                                 retour 180,00            Single 110,00 

Dortmund:                       retour 180,00            Single 110,00 

Düsseldorf:                      retour 180,00            Single 110,00 

Köln/Bonn Airport:       retour 180,00            Single 110,00 

Frankfurt:                        retour 180,00            Single 110,00 

Ulm:                                 retour 190,00             Single 115,00 

Hamburg:                       retour 190,00             Single 115,00 

Bielefeld:                         retour 190,00            Single 115,00 

Hannover:                      retour 190,00             Single 115,00 

Do you have two different departure- and return points? Contact us and we’ll give you more information on possibilities and prices.  

Busses arriving from and/of to the Netherlands  

Amsterdam:                  retour: 152,50               Single: 110,00  

Utrecht:                         retour: 152,50               Single: 110,00  

Den Bosch:                    retour: 152,50               Single: 110,00  

Breda:                             retour: 152,50              Single: 110,00  

Antwerpen:                    retour: 152,50              Single: 110,00  


Is travelling by train the way to go for you? This also works out perfectly fine. Make sure that your endstation is St-Vincent-de-Tyrosse and if needed we can arrange a transfer for you (and your friends) from the trainstation to Brunotti surfcamps.   


Prefer flying? There are flights departing from all over Europe to France. It’s best to fly to either Bordeaux & take the train to St-Vincent-de-Tyrosse or fly to Biarritz. We can arrange pick-up for you on either one of these locations. 


When you’d rather travel to Brunotti surfcamp by yourself, try to arrive before 12h00 on saturday morning. At 12h00 there’s a general introduction where you get to meet the crew, learn about all the ins- and outs of the camp and check-in! 

The Address of the camping is: 

Camping Les-Sablères
Boulevard du Marensin
40480 Vieux Boucau

Do you have any questions regarding transport? Feel free to give us a call or send us a message! 

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