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5 Reasons to Learn Surfing

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How to learn surfing in France at Brunotti Surfcamp is the experience of a lifetime. The most beautiful waves, crystal-clear water, sunshine, and the best surf instructors guarantee that you’ll catch your first wave within a week. But why is learning to surf so awesome? In this blog, we’ll tell you all about the benefits of surf lessons and why you should take them at Brunotti Surfcamp in South France! 

1. The best reason: surfing is incredibly fun!

Surfing is one of the most enjoyable sports out there. We still see guests returning year after year to Brunotti Surfcamp in France after their first surfing experience, to enjoy their vacation and improve their surfing skills. There’s nothing like spending hours in the water and catching endless waves. Don’t believe us? Come try it out and judge for yourself! 

2. Surf lessons are perfect to combine with a laid-back beach vacation

Taking surf lessons in France is the perfect way to combine an active vacation with lounging on the beach and partying in the party area of Brunotti Surfcamp. You get to choose the ultimate balance between them.

3. Disconnection

When you choose to spend a week surfing in France this summer, you’re truly going offline. For most people, daily life revolves around screens, social media, and being ‘online’. During your surf vacation in France, you won’t be thinking about any of that. You’ll truly disconnect from daily life and focus solely on being active, catching waves, relaxing, having fun, partying, and soaking up the sun. Nothing is mandatory; everything is allowed!

4. Professional surf instructors and equipment

If you want to learn surfing, it’s wise to do it under the guidance of professional surf instructors. The surf instructors at Brunotti Surfcamps have a lot of experience and are all certified to help you catch waves as quickly as possible. Plus, they’re incredibly enthusiastic and helpful, making your surf lessons even more enjoyable! At Brunotti Surfcamp, we also use the best equipment. What more could you want

5. An endless process

When you choose to take surf lessons in France, you’ll be hooked after just one week! The best part? You can continue to grow in your surfing journey! After taking beginner lessons in France for a week, you can continue to improve and explore beaches and waves all over the world. It’s also a great reason to travel! 

Want to know more about surf lessons? Click here! Are you excited and ready to learn surfing this summer? Then you can book your surf vacation here. 

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