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A typical day at a surfcamp in France

What do the days look like at a surf camp in France? That’s a question that’s often asked. In one word, fantastic! In this blog, we’ll walk you through a typical day full of sun, sea, beach, fun, and surf lessons in France. 


After a good night’s sleep under the stars, a new day makes its entrance at our surf camp in France. And we couldn’t be more happy about that, because this day has a lot of fun in store.  


Once you’ve rolled out of bed, it’s time to head straight to our breakfast bar. The crew woke up early to prepare a delicious breakfast for you. You can choose from freshly baked French baguettes, eggs or croissants, oatmeal, fresh fruit, various savory and sweet spreads, yogurt, muesli, and much more.  

And of course, a nice cup of coffee, tea, and orange juice can’t be left out. After making your selection, it’s time to have breakfast in the French morning sun. You couldn’t ask for a better start to the day! 


It’s time for action! Grab all your beach gear and put on your swimsuit, because it’s time for some sun, sea, beach and surf. When you arrive at the beach, first lay down your belongings at the large Brunotti tent where the other guests are already tanning on the beach. Then, put on your wetsuit and it’s time for a warm-up. 

After the warm-up, discuss the surf conditions of the day with the surf instructor, and finally, it’s time to hit the water. You’ll be catching wave after wave today! During the surf lessons in France, you’ll notice that catching waves gets easier and that you’re making great progress.  


After your surf lesson, it’s time for lunch and chilling on the beach. The crew has brought the fresh lunch sandwich you ordered to the beach, and you eat your sandwich while relaxing in the sun. Meanwhile, you chat with the other Brunotti guests, how were their surf lessons? 


After spending the afternoon on the beach, it’s time to return to the camp. At 4:00 PM, the bar opens! That means cold beers, wine, soft drinks, summer tunes, games, and a lot of fun. 


Time for dinner. Brunotti surfcamps are known for their delicious meals, and that’s no coincidence. We know better than anyone how important good food is on vacation, especially after a whole day of surfing. 

That’s why a professional chef cooks every evening at the Brunotti surfcamp. We always cook with fresh and healthy ingredients and create tasty and varied meals. 


Time for a party! Tonight, there’s a carnival evening planned. Put on your craziest outfit and dance with one (or more) beers in your hand to the best party tunes. And of course, limbo cannot be missed! 


We end the party at the camp… but don’t worry! We all head to one of the cozy bars in the center of Vieux-Boucau and continue the party there. After this enjoyable evening, we head back to our tent. Because tomorrow is a new day, and everything starts all over again. 

Do you want to experience a real vacation at the Brunotti Surfcamp? Book your vacation here. 

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